"You never work for the machine; the machine works for you."


Its a FACT!...

At some point in EVERY SUCCESSFUL ARTIST'S career, the decision to trust someone else to record, mix and master their music has to be made. For most artists, this decision occurs well before they become famous. Unbiased, experienced ears working in a controlled environment are a critical component in the success of ALL modern recording artists.



It all starts with a great recording. We combine world class hardware and software from companies like Universal Audio and Roland with a great selection of mics from Blue, Shure, AKG and others. We also feature a state-of-the art, custom-made, temperature-controlled vocal booth.



Great mixes never happen by accident. Each mix requires patience, skill and experience applying the ideal tools and techniques. If you are having problems with your projects not turning out how you originally envisioned them, especially compared to those of your favorite artists, we can help!



The crucial  final process that makes or breaks many songs. Mastering is so much more than sticking a few plugins on the whole mix and setting them to loud. We utilize advanced tools & techniques, in a fully-treated and tuned room, to provide final mixes that sound great everywhere.