We have many years of experience recording, producing and mixing music that has been played on radio, featured in videos and sold world-wide.


We feature highly-rated software and hardware from companies such as Universal Audio, Lexicon and Sonnox, just to name just a few. 


We understand the financial challenges of the modern economy. We have spent a lot of time refining our processes and developing techniques that allow us to work fast and efficiently. We can accept major credit cards in the studio as well as secured payments online via PayPal. 


Our goal is to always deliver more than you ever expected.  We look at each project that leaves our studio as being future advertising for our business. It's the only way that we can insure that clients come back again and again.




State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineers

Top Notch Acoustics

High resolution recording and mixing

We record and mix most projects in 24bit/88kHz format. We can also record at sample rates up 192kHz.



Comfortable, acoustically-isolated vocal booth

We feature a roomy, carpeted custom-built vocal booth which is perfect for capturing those special vocal performances.

Full automation and total recall

Our mixing console features motorized faders and fullly-integrated automation. Projects can be recalled during later sessions with all settings remaining intact.



Hands-on, tactile plug-in support

We adjust plugins using real knobs and sliders instead of a mouse. This allows us to rely on our ears instead of staring at screens.

World-class microphone chain

Our microphone chain contains several thousand dollars worth of high-end, analog gear. We custom-modded our microphone pre-amp for increased presence and range.



Complete flexibility

We can quickly swap out mics or integrate other gear into our recording chain. We can rent high-end specialty mics from companies like Neumann or Sony.

Real tubes

Our outboard gear features real tube-based analog circuits. This provides us a classic, spacious sound that is very difficult to achieve with only software plug-ins.



We think 'out of the box'

When we feel that it can help, we route digital tracks out of the computer and back though our analog gear for additional processing.

Dependable monitoring

We feature Yamaha MSP7 near-field monitors. These monitors were designed by the same engineer that created the legendary, studio-standard Yamaha NS10s.



We monitor for the real world

Our mixes are designed to sound great everywhere not just in the studio. We double-check our mixes on everything from cheap ear-buds to car stereos.

Awesome plug-in selection

We have plug-ins from almost every major plug-in manufacture. This means that, in most cases, we can open your existing recording sessions intact.



Both PC and Mac friendly

We have absolutely no bias towards either PC or Mac. We will gladly accept either format and can even convert many projects between platforms.